VeriGuide Express for CUHK


  1. VeriGuide expects a surge in volume during the end of term and examination period due to the current "learn at home" arrangement in CUHK.

  2. To divert upload traffic from the original VeriGuide, a new web application called "VeriGuide Express" is created as a supplementary system to VeriGuide.

  3. Using VeriGuide Express, CUHK users can quickly upload their files to VeriGuide.

  4. CUHK users are encouraged to upload their assignments or any files required by their course instructors using VeriGuide Express, especially during the peak submission period (e.g., for the month of May).

  5. Please note that VeriGuide Express will be available by late April, and users who enrolled in CUSIS courses will be able to use VeriGuide Express.

  6. VeriGuide Express only support file upload. After students submitted their assignments, they should go back to the original VeriGuide to check their submissions.

  7. To access other functions, please go to the original VeriGuide.

  8. Please click here for more details regarding this promotion.

Getting Started

  1. Visit to login VeriGuide Express using the computing Id and OnePass (CWEM) password.

  2. Select a course, assignment number and assignment marker to upload the file.

  3. Please wait 15 minutes. Your submission will appear in the original VeriGuide.

User Guide