General Section

  1. What is VeriGuide?

    VeriGuide is a text similarity detection system designed for preventing plagiarism, and for promoting and upholding academic honesty in the academic community.

  2. Why should I use VeriGuide?

    Since the boom of Internet and personal computer, plagiarism through digital channels have become easier. However, plagiarism is a misconduct and may lead to negative impact (e.g. reputation, monetary, etc) to your affiliations. If you want to protect your affiliations against plagiarism, you should use a plagiarism prevention service.

  3. Who should use VeriGuide?

    Principal, teacher, student, government educational authority, examination assessor, lawyer, publisher, etc.

  4. How does VeriGuide work?

    Submitted documents by students are compared among one another, with other documents in the central database, and with the Internet. Output from the system is an originality report highlighting suspected plagiarized contents, and giving detailed analytic and statistical data.

  5. How many affiliations use VeriGuide globally?

    There are approx. 1,000 affiliations over 145 countries/regions use VeriGuide.

  6. What are the supported document formats?

    VeriGuide supports most of the well-known formats, including Microsoft Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls/xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt/pptx), OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat PDF (pdf), web pages (html/htm), plain text (txt/rtf) and zip archives (zip).

  7. What is the default checking scope?

    By default, the submitted file(s) will be checked within the submission, if any, and with the Internet context.

  8. How is VeriGuide compared to similar systems around the world?

    VeriGuide excels being the first optimized text similarity detection system that can read and compare both the English and Chinese text.

  9. What can I do if I want to implement VeriGuide in my institution?

    Please contact us for an institutional package with better offer.